Duties and Responsibilities

The School Teaching Team members also take up duties and responsibilities as assigned from time to time by the School Management. The following is the list of duties and responsibilities assigned for 2018. However, other duties and responsibilities are expected and are required from time to time as the school grows and the needs expand.

Name Duties and Responsibilities Remark
Mr. Teng Chuan Wan School Principal, Secretary of BOG  
Ms. Leong Yeim Tai Honorary BOG representative on-site  
Ms. Cheong Wai Kum Vice-Principal, SLT Co-ordinate all duties and responsibilities
Ms. Lim Pei Lan Vice-Principal, SLT [Adjunct] Co-ordinate all duties and responsibilities
Ms. Annie Lai Events and Functions  
Ms Lai Poay Saw Events, Functions, Translation  
Mr. Christopher Tan Time Tabling, Scheduling & Information Management for students and parents  
Ms. Goh Shuang Er Stage Management, CCA Co-ordinator, Magazine, Bulletin, Presentation.  
Ms. Kuh Poh Kar CCA Co-ordinator, Counselling  
Ms. Elf Chua Kim Ling Examination Secretary and Data Management for Assessment and Examination  
Ms. Christy Cheah ASP Tuition, Counselling, Discipline  
Ms. Cheo Shiao Tien Counselling, Discipline, Field Trips  
Ms. Joan Serawia Library,  Reading Programme, Display  
Ms. Alena Antonidas Sports and Games, PAJSK, Display  
Ms. Aslinah Ambuna Assisting Principal in School Data Management, Documentation, Display  
Ms. Tan Tien Geok Tuition, Canteen, Class Cleanliness and Decoration  
Ms. Shobana Sukumaran Bulletin,  Magazine, Display, Documentation  
Mr. Ralf Yong Sports and Games, General Arrangement and Facilities