Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will students be retained at any level?
    Students will be guided for mastery at each level. Retention only if the students missed too much lessons and they are far off-mark
  2. What are the qualifications of teachers?
    Teachers are a mixture of experienced and qualified teachers
  3. Are holidays the same as the government schools?
  4. When are CCA’s conducted?
    After school on week-days
  5. How is lunch catered for?
    We can have meal plans or students purchase daily
  6. Do you provide after school care?
    We provide After School Programme (ASP) on additional charges.
  7. Do students have to do homework?
    Homework is supplementary and hence regulated
  8. What is the medium of instruction?
    BM and English.  Mandarin will also be used in selected subjects like Moral
  9. What text books are you using?
    Students purchase approved text book by MOE. Other text books like Singapore and UK texts will be introduced
  10. Do students need further tuition?
    Generally, students mastery are catered for. Tuition only in special cases
  11. Do you provide transport?
    We plan to do so if there is a demand but chargeable.
  12. Are there school trips and off-site activities?
    School trips are organised for teaching and learning
  13. Are week-ends free?
    Saturdays and Sundays are free.
  14. What are the safety precautions in school?
    Parents are to fetch children in the school compounds. Security is provided by security guards. CCTV has been installed for additional security.
  15. Is there an entrance examination for students?
    Students are assessed before they are given the offer.
  16. Will there be disciplinary actions on wrong doers?
    Yes, but there are of different forms to encourage good behaviour