Homeroom Teachers

Teachers are assigned to be the Homeroom Teacher for the following purposes:

  • To establish rapport with their students on a daily basis
  • To disseminate up-to-date information to each student
  • To enhance their moral and ethical knowledge and skills
  • To support each child so that care and love are seen and done
  • To establish communication with the parents to enhance cooperation and collaboration
  • To provide guidance and counseling

The list of Homeroom teachers is as follows:

Class  Homeroom Teacher Co-Homeroom Teacher
1P                     Ms. Ang Yee Ling Ms. Elf Chua Kim Ling
2P Ms. Amenda Lee Jin Yao Ms. Goh Shuang Er
3S Ms. Yaahini a/p Nadrajah Ms. Fretty Frejoh
3P Mr. Wong Jing Zhi Ms. Aslinah binti Ambuna                     
4S Ms. Tiffany Tee Xue Ting Ms. Wong Fang Min
4P Ms. Lee Ming Suen Ms. Saratha a/p Sekaren
5P Ms. Rathana Devi a/p Simsalam   Ms. Toh Ling Yeh
6P Mr. Andy Sim Mr. Andirian bin Rosmin