Homeroom Teachers

Teachers are assigned to be the Homeroom Teacher for the following purposes:

To establish rapport with their students on a daily basis

  • To disseminate up-to-date information to each student
  • To enhance their moral and ethical knowledge and skills
  • To support each child so that care and love are seen and done.
  • To establish communication with the parents to enhance cooperation and collaboration.
  • To provide guidance and counselling

The list of Homeroom teachers is as follows:

Class Homeroom Teacher Cover HR Teacher
15 Ms. Tan Tien Geok  
1P Ms. Kuh Poh Kar  
2S Ms. Christy Cheah  
2P Ms. Cheo Shiao Tien  
2G Ms. Joan Serawia  
3P Ms. Elf Chua Ms. Lai Poay Saw
4P Ms. Goh Shuang Er Ms. Annie Lai
5P Ms. Shobana Sukumaran Ms. Lim Pei Lan
6P Ms. Alena Antonidas Mr. Christopher Tan