SRSP Teaching Staff

 Name  Qualification  Date of Joining
 Mr Teng Chuan Wan  B. Sc.(Hons) Dip. Edu. Master in Mgt (HRD)  Founder
 Ms Cheong Wai Kam  BA Hons ( Geography)  Dec 2016
 Ms Tan Tien Geok   B.Sc . Dip Ed.  Dec 2016
 Mr Ralf Yong  Degree in Marketing  Dec 2017
 Mr Christopher Tan  BA Hons ( Geography)    Nov 2017
 Ms Lim Pei Lan  B Ed Hons ( TESL )  July 2017
 Ms Annie Lai Swee Mee  MCE  Aug 2017 
 Ms Goh  Shuang Er  BA Hons English Education  Dec 2016
 Ms Joan Serawia  BA Hons English Language and Communication  Dec 2016
 Ms Christy Cheah  BA Hons English Education  Dec 2016
 Ms Elf Chua Kim Ling  Bachelor of Public Relation (Hons)  Dec 2016
 Ms Cheo Shiao Tien  Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia  Dec 2016
 Ms Alena Antonidas  Foundation in Management & BHRM  Nov 2016
 Ms Aslinah Ambuna  Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia  May 2017
 Ms Kuh Poh Kar  Degree in Real Estate Management  Aug 2017
 Ms Lai Poay Saw  Degree in Food Sc & Technology (UPM)   Aug 2017
 Ms Nuratikah Rosmani  Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia  Dec 2017
 Ms Shobana Sukumaran  Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)  July 2017

The teaching personnel are engaged to deliver the curriculum effectively and productively according to the quality standards of SRSP.

Each teacher  undergoes all year-long guidance and training either during the on-the-job training or on the designated training sessions conducted within and outside the school.  They are to gain competence through the Professional Learning Community  practiced by the school.