Teacher Ethics


Teachers in SRSP are expected to fulfill the professional conduct of an educator at the highest level at all times. Listed below are the expectations.

For the Teachers

  1. To ensure that every student has the opportunity to learn.
  2. To conduct lessons that comply to the requirement of the curriculum.
  3. To protect the instruction time so that contact hours are fully engaged and effective.
  4. To assess outcome from teaching time objectively and in a transparent manner.
  5. To ensure each student achievement is monitored and elevated continuously.

For the parents

  1. To maintain a co-operative and collaborative spirit in ensuring student’s progress.
  2. To treat each other with utmost propriety and decorum.
  3. To ensure optimal communication relevant to student’s achievement.

For the school

  1. To abide by all regulations pertaining to conduct and discipline.
  2. To put the interest of schooling above all personal and private commitment, ambitions and preferences.
  3. To maintain harmony among colleagues, superiors and subordinates
  4. To be united in purpose so that the school ideals are obtainable.